Review of Top Games at Online Casinos

Review of Top Games at Online Casinos

All online casinos now offer many more games in comparison to land-based betting rooms. You can play whatever you want. You can enjoy classic activities such as fruit slot machines or such table games as Blackjack, Baccarat, and Poker. You can also spin a virtual Roulette.

Or you can try themed and 3d slots with great bonuses or live dealer performance. There are even captivating Virtual Reality offers! In this article, we will describe all possible variants and features.

Table Games at Online Casinos

Virtual table games gain more popularity than other amusements. This is simply because players can apply their strategic skills in gaming. In addition, online performance gives you a chance to gamble mindfully and think over each step you make without any distractive factors.

Among real-time delights, you can choose Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, Craps, and Baccarat. These games have both classic variants and you can find also special kinds. We will describe them further.


online casinos best entertainmentsBlackjack is number one among table amusements. It appeared in 1700-s. Now you can play it virtually. It is one of the most favorable gaming activities due to the simple rules and ability to plan a strategy, predict the turns.

Its aim is to make the set to get the value of 21. Cards have a different value. Aces are worth 1 or 11. Faces – King, Queen, and Jack have 10 points. Numerals have their initial value.

Popular game variations are:

  • Double Exposure. The dealer shows two cards instead of 1;
  • Spanish 21. There are no numerals;
  • Single Deck;
  • It is played with two decks;
  • Atlantic City. You deal with 8 decks;
  • Allows you to use two hands.


If we start to play this game, we should know the peculiarities of its variations. The gameplay in video poker is similar to fruit machines. So, you deal with virtual cards, and the computer manages the hands. It is simpler because you have to only press buttons, just like in slots.

The most popular online table poker is Texas Hold’em. The players get cards in the beginning. A single deck is used. In general, it is much easier to play this type. It suits everyone who knows the basics.


online casinos best gamesRoulette is purely a game of chance. There is a spinning wheel with numbers colored with black and red. Your job is to decide on what number to bet. Then the wheel stops in some number. If you are lucky, it will be your numeral.

You can stake on multiple numbers, however, the payouts decrease. For example, if your choice is 13, then you get 35:1. And, if you decide to bet on 1-7 digits, you get only 5:1. But, in fact, even 5:1 is a quite good result.

Variations are: European and American. American wheel has the additional double-zero pocket. It means there are 38 outcomes instead of 37.


Baccarat is one more popular game with simple rules similar to Blackjack. Cards also have special values. Faces counts as 0, aces are 1 and numerals do not change. Your goal is to get 8 or 9 points within max 3 cards. There are some bet types: “Player”, “Bank”, and “Tie”. “Bank” usually wins more often. You can choose between three main types with minor changes. They are American, European, and Asian.

Slot Machines Types

Online slots are, in fact, the one-handed bandits but transferred to the Internet. The casino software suppliers constantly create new amusements with various pleasant features. For instance, some symbols unlock progressive bets, free spins, or huge stake multipliers.

The gameplay is quite simple. You have to place bets on the lines with symbols, spin the reels, and wait for the winnings. The variations depend on different aspects: the number of reels and paylines, the symbols, and the interface.

By Paylines and Reels

The payline is a winning configuration of symbols. Thus, in old slots, it was only a horizontal combination of fruits or whatever. However, now there is a great diversity – even more than 100 combos.

We can expect outcomes from some of these winning lines. However, there are amusements which have 243 or even 1,024 ways to win. This means all possible combinations are available at once. The reel displays the symbols. The machines also can have from 3 to 9 icons on each reel.

By Interface

online casinos top gamesThe amusements also vary by representation. Fruit machines use different fruits as symbols, but also unique icons, such as stars, diamonds for the jackpot.

Video slots have animated clip when the game is loading. 3d animated games use advanced graphics and 3d characters. An example is King Kong when the giant ape smashes the planes.

Arcade variants do not simply consist of spinning and winning. These are designed as a unique story where you need to complete missions. You need to collect experience points and unlock levels to approach your final mission.

By Themes

The machines vary also by themes. So, you can play just endless variants devoted to the fictional characters. Marvel and DC comics-based slots are quite popular. You can also play classic fruit types or try adventures with mythological creatures on Egyptian or Greek locations. So, there is a situation when you can scroll the dozens of pages with the amusements and they will not repeat. Each provider has hundreds of games.

By Chance to Win Jackpot

Many slot machines include the progressive jackpot feature. This means you have a chance to win a large sum while making bets. It is won when a certain combination appears. So, you gamble, win some money and suddenly the large reward appears. The amount grows after each spin. So, it can become much bigger in the middle of the session.

Live Dealer Games at Online Casino

games at online casinosLive performance means a special casino studio with real dealers managing the play. It is like a video stream which you can control.
Thus, the person in the studio responds you and manages your cards, for example. This feature aims to create the real casino entourage with all the interaction and passion. You can make stakes in live casino games:

  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Sic Bo
  • Hi-Lo

The operators can offer you some beneficial features:

  1. The studios can have multiple cameras, so you can see every detail from many angles;
  2. You can customize your wagers. Add up them in the favorable combination;
  3. You can get enormous multipliers up to 1,000:1;
  4. Opportunity to place side bets and Bet Behind.

Important Games Indicators: RNG, RTP, House Edge

RNG is Random Number Generator. We speak mostly about the games of chance. This generator performs all the operations concerning outcomes. It means they are accidental and nobody has the advantage. You have to always check whether the betting room uses it or not. If it does not, then never play on that website.

RTP is Return to Player. It means the percent of the coins in slots that actually become real money. If the slot has 98%, then you will get 98 coins out of 100. But, this index shows the stats of millions of turns. A short session does not mean this exact number. But still, this is one of the most important conditions. The higher % means more money for you.

House Edge is the percentage of each bet amount that goes to the operator. In simple words, the gaming house receives the profit of 5%, for example, each time you make stakes. This condition varies in different activities as well as on the websites.