Review of All Payment Methods at Online Casinos

Review of All Payment Methods at Online Casinos

When it comes to cashing out your winnings, for you, it is essential to know the acceptable banking options the top online casinos offer. There are lots of payment methods. Some of them are used only for deposits and some for withdrawals.

On the whole, the gaming houses support several payment options. You need to visit the Terms & Conditions page to check what is available. While funding the account or taking back the cash you will face several limits and other peculiarities. They are:

  • Max and min transaction amount
  • Fees
  • Personal info and documentation required
  • Time per payout

We will describe these things in particular for every case.

Popular 3D Plastic Cards

online casinos pay methodsThis way is widely spread among virtual casinos. You can find card option in almost every staking room The exception is crypto-currency dedicated gaming houses. Usually, they are Visa, MasterCard, and Amex.

This method is relatively fast. It will take around one day for deposit and about 3-5 days for withdrawal. Make sure your casino accepts it. You are to pay a small charge. Usually, it does not exceed 2.5% of the cashed sum.

Be ready to provide intimate info such as card number, address, phone number, driving license, passport or other documents to prove your identity. Staking rooms use encryption technologies and assume measures when something goes wrong.


VISA has some advantages over other services. You can use it for dealing with contributions as well as for redeeming the money. This is very convenient, as you can employ your existing card for such purposes. But, still, we recommend you to obtain a new one.

Check whether the casino has the charge fees or not. Some may demand the compensation of 2-3%, and some may not. The min deposit limit is $10-20. The max limit may vary also from $500 to $2,000. The only disadvantage is that between-times this option may not be accepted because of regional gambling regulations.

Master Card

MasterCard is another popular option. However, it does not suit for withdrawals. This is very inconvenient as you will need to switch to another payment method. But still, it has some decent advantages:

  • You can deposit much bigger. This is useful if you want to just load your account with a great sum;
  • Lower fees in comparison to other cards;
  • It is accepted at 99% of all the online staking rooms;
  • Stronger security measures.


American Express is popular among Americans. However, other gamers cannot use this option. Some online betting rooms do not accept it, as it requires higher fees. This compensation is higher than the average and can be around 5%.

In addition, betting rooms usually refuse this payment option in the context of withdrawals. In terms of safeness and transaction speed, it can compete with other services. The advantages are the following:

  • Significant deposit amount
  • Instant account funding
  • Rewards for AMEX customers

Fast Cloud or E-Wallets at Online Casinos

This variant is even more widespread and manageable. You can decide on PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, ClickandBuy, Ukash, or POLi. You do not need to present any sensitive data revealing your identity. Thus, this option is safe.

Moreover, the transfer speed is as high as in the case of the previously mentioned methods – instant deposits. The withdrawals are a little bit faster- from 1 to 3 days. Also, prepare to pay small fees. For cash limits see the terms and conditions of the casino you want to play.

So, e-wallets give you the key advantages:

  • Security;
  • Instant deposits;
  • Fast cashouts;
  • You can take control of your e-purse balance. You can fund it with your plastic card or banking account. Thus, you protect yourself from money overspending.

The minor drawback is that not all betting rooms accept all the wallets.


online casinos paypalPayPal is number two after plastic cards. It is in great request around the world and many staking rooms accept it. It does not require fees for deposits, however, you might be charged for withdrawals. This variant is fast and secure. But if you are from the US, using it for gambling is forbidden.

There is one more disturbing thing about this e-wallet. You can cash-out only $500 per month. The company imposes this condition for security purposes. Do not worry, you can increase the limit through some simple steps in your digital purse account. You need to complete your profile at 100%.


Neteller is also popular among casinos and players. It is safe as well due to the good reputation. The key advantages are:

  • Small min deposit amount -less than 1 dollar;
  • Significant withdrawal sum – up to $10,000/day;
  • Fast Transactions from 2 to 24 hours.

Among downsides, we should mention high fees for funding by credit or debit card. You have to pay 3,9%. But if you send the funds to your bank account, the procedure is free.


Skrill has even a larger audience – 5 million users around the world. The e-wallet charges less – 1.9%. The withdrawals are also charged. You have to pay small compensation regardless of where you transfer the funds – to the bank account or directly to your card.

On the other side, the company offers a loyalty program with numerous perks for its users. It uses advanced encryption technologies and keeps the transfers safe.

Wire Transfers

Well, this method is the best in terms of security. Both sides must have a banking account to deal with such transactions. It means the casino is verified. The funds are transferred by the international financial services such as Western Union or Swift. You can deposit and cash-out a larger sum – up to $100,000 as well.

On the other side, you will have to sacrifice your time, as this way is much slower. It takes from 2 to 10 business days or 6 on average. This delay is caused by the verification process. In addition, you may pay higher fees-around 15% of your winnings.


online casinos payment optionsSWIFT is an international financial service. More than 9 thousand banks use this service. The payments go within 5-7 days usually. Sure, you will have to provide personal info. You will have to pay around 15% of your balance as a fee. That is high, and the limits too. The min cashout sum of $100 is a normal situation.

Western Union

Although the wire transfers are safe, some companies cannot support such security level. Western Union gained a bad reputation in the past, as many scammers used this service.

The company can share your personal info. Casinos use this option for deposits mainly. But withdrawals are also possible. This method is very expensive – you will be charged with 14% or 16% of your sum.


An electronic check is among safest payment options. It uses advanced encryption. It is similar to the paper cheque. Deposits go into your balance in minutes. However, you will have to wait 4 days on average to complete the withdrawal.

This way is a good alternative to other options as the fees are also very small – around $0,90 of your transferred sum. In addition, there is no need to present sensitive personal data.

Prepaid Cards

online casinos prepaid cardsPrepaid cards are similar to their analogs. You can buy something with them or use them for placing bets. The key difference is that the cash is stored right on the card. It has no connection with external accounts. So, it is literary a small plastic purse and you can put up a limited sum in it.

You can buy it either in your bank or in the betting room issuing this option. The deposits come to your balance in minutes, also. There is no pay for the transaction, but you are supposed to pay from $1 to $5 monthly. Keep in mind that usually, casinos do not let players make withdrawals.

Online Casinos Accepting Bitcoin and Other Cryptocoins

Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies such as Etherum or Dashcoins become more popular in the gaming industry. The virtual cash exists independently and no authority can regulate it. It is also completely anonymous. You do not have to give any personal information. As it is decentralized, no fee is charged.

On the other side, you have to keep safe your wallet on your own. BTC has extremely advanced encryption. However, it is better to keep your crypto in the offline storage place. There are no limits related to cashouts or deposits. Both of them get processed in a couple of minutes. You are bounded only by your casino rules.